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Clear Energy Vibes

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A gift for a friend who is connected to the stars!

Meditation StoneClear Quartz is known to clear energy blockages, promote mental + emotional clarity, and magnify intentions. Hold it in your hand as you set your daily intentions. Clear quartz boasts a diverse range of benefits but may be most powerful in its healing and cleansing capabilities. It brings forth positive vibrations that clear cobwebs and illuminate the uncertain, paving the way for a new sense of purpose and aligning us with our higher selves. A perfect stone for the zodiac signs: Aries + Leo Includes a cotton pouch for safekeeping. Stone's size ranges from 1 ¼” to 1 ½”.

Palm Reading Cards - Learn the essence of the ancient art of palm reading with this 100 card kit! Ideal for any fortune teller on the go. Our cards are an innovative product by Gift Republic. 

Indigo Constellation Jotter - Full Color + Gold Foil Jotter Supreme Notebook is approx. 6"x8.5." 48 interior pages of blank vanilla paper. Square, staple bound.

Ritual Chocolate - Mid Mountain Blend, 70% Cacao- A balanced blend of all the Ritual origins Fruity, nutty, earthy, chocolatey, floral- it's all here. Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Fudge & Graham Cracker 

Ballpoint Pen in gold

Palo Santo & White Sage Bundle- This selenite crystal and white sage bundle keeps you grounded while keeping your energies clear. It can also offer protection and promote good health.