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Coffee in the Desert

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Great gift for the coffee lover! Beans from our favorite Phoenix coffee shop paired with our Desert Bound mug, Saguaro Tea Towel, Coffee Scoop and Nat's Espresso Roasted Almonds. 

Serafina's Single origin: Mexican Chiapas Coffee - Far down near the southern edge of Mexico, the Chiapas region is right on the border of Guatemala's Huehuetenango region, so the coffees share some similar traits. And, just like our OFT Guatemalan coffee, we roast these Mexican beans to a light roast as well. This coffee has a balanced body and features the fruity and nutty flavor notes associated with the growing region.

Espresso Roasted Almonds by Nat's Nuts Our Espresso Roasted Almonds pack a punch of flavor. Each bag has as much caffeine as two cups of coffee. These nuts are deliciously crunchy and are the perfect snack for any coffee lover. Ingredients: Almonds, Pure Cane Sugar, Ground Espresso Beans, Sea Salt
Made in United States of America

Saguaro Tea Towel - Made in AZ by Aure Designs

Desert Bound Mug- Grey 12oz ceramic mug 

Coffee scoop and clip- Brass