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Latika Beauty

Crystal Geode Bath Bomb | Rose Quartz | Gold and Pink πŸ’Ž

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Valentine's Gift πŸ’— They are decorated to look like the geode stones they represent and will leave skin soft and glowing! 🌼 The magic is in the brush stroke Each geode is handmade and decorated in our Austin HQ. 🌼 Inspired by Geode Crystals The stone of universal love restores trust and harmony in relationships and promotes self-love, friendship, and peace. 🌼 Complex scent blends Scented with a harmonious symphony of sandalwood and rose blossom. 🌼 Striking Display Our box art allows you to display two boxes together and create a visual appearance of a large geode. 🌼 PACKAGING- shrink-wrapped + boxed to maintain its esthetic, fresh appearance and protect it from shop wear. 🌼MESS FREE - an additional plant-based ingredient prevents contents and colors from sticking to the tub; a quick rinse is all it takes! 🌼ULTRA MOISTURIZING - made with a generous amount of natural oils as well as Epsom salts to help soothe and relax!