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Desert Embers, LLC

Desert Embers Travel Candle

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Monsoon - This scent is Inspired by the refreshing rain and blossoming desert of Arizona’s monsoon season. The fruity and floral fragrance captures the enchanting essence of the desert downpour. Delicate florals and verdant greens intertwine in a harmonious blend that echoes the beauty and tranquility of the rainy season.

Top notes: Spring Air, Soothing Lavender, Greens

Middle notes: White Jasmine, Apple Mint, Lemon Zest

Base notes: White Musk, Soft Amber

Cactus Water - Step into an oasis inspired by the Arizona desert, where refreshing greens and water rejuvenate the senses. Tranquil hints of cactus rose, desert foliage, and sandy landscapes blend with dew-kissed cyclamen and melon, evoking the lush essence of the desert's beauty.

Top notes: Ozone, Watery Notes, Honeydew Melon

Middle notes: Cactus Rose, Greens, Cyclamen

Base notes: Dry Patchouli, Desert Sands, Driftwood

Made with our soy wax blend, high quality phthalate free fragrance oils and cotton wick, these highly scented candles are the perfect way to get a long lasting scent in your home. 1.7 oz