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Foodie Vibes

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This box has everything you need to spice things up in the kitchen! 

Organic Saguaro Tea Towel Large Natural Organic Cotton Tea Towel Screen Printed 30 X 29 inches Washable

Wood and Stainless Steel Cheese Grater This grater sits over a bowl shaped scoop for catching the cut pieces. It also has a convenient handle for holding the grater in place while working. When the scoop becomes full, lift off the metal grater and empty the scoop.10"L x 2-1/2"W 

Luxe Collection Rustic Artisan Crisps Salty, flaky and delicious, this rustic artisan crisp is perfect for all types of cheeses, tapenade and meats. 

Luxe Collection Sharp Cheddar Cheese 2 oz. sharp spreadable cheddar cheese cup, shelf stable and doesn't not need refrigeration. 

Salt and Pinch bowl by SeeSalt 3oz jar of Fleur de Sel + pepper and wooden pinch bowl