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I Am F*cking Radiant: A Self-Care Journal

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An irreverent self-care journal to teach readers how to take care of their mental, emotional, and physical well-being! 208-page hardcover. Ah, self-care. Yoga classes, green juice, bubble baths, face goop. F*ck that. Self-care is not about brands, fads, or going broke. It's about identifying your core values and making the time to nurture them. It's building a life day to day that you don't need to retreat from. It's feeling all the feelings; it's standing up and making change. It's recognizing that investing in yourself is not a selfish act. So, get out your sunglasses and prepare to be f*cking RADIANT! • Self-care is a huge trend: It's a buzzy keyword, and it's ready for it's sweary comeuppance that'll redefine the movement to actually help readers • Touches on top keywords: Like anxiety, self-love, boundaries, and other areas readers are searching for resources for • Sweary self-help is very popular: Hitting on two top trends with a fantastic package, bright colors.