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Brass Monkey

It's In The Cards Playing Card Game Set

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This game set includes everything you need to get uncomfortably competitive with your friends and family. Seriously, we all know grandma is cheating. Why do we let her get away with it? WHAT'S THE POINT OF EVEN PLAYING THEN!? Ahem, anyway...this game set by Brass Monkey is the perfect gift for casual and serious card players alike. You're just more likely to lose money to one those two. • Features two uniquely designed decks of playing cards. • Includes an instruction book, explaining 30 different games in detail. • Useful scorepad and pencil to keep track of (and rub in) your wins. • Giftable box measures 9" wide by 4.25" deep (and 2.3" thick btw). • We're not responsible for lost wages and/or friends.