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Earth Grown KidDoughs (KidDoughs by EGKD)

Mermaid (Blue Hawaiian) Dough-To-Go Play Kit

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A fantastic grab and go option, these KidDough to Go Jars are a Play Kit and KidDough all in one convenient jar that is perfect for Kiddos on the move, whether in the car, plane, train, at restaurants or on vacation. These little guys are easy to pack and provide lots of entertainment! KidDough is the best way to play dough! Includes a 16 Ounce Jar filled with 8 Ounces Blue Hawaiian KidDough and Mermaid Play Pieces. Play Pieces include Mermaid figurine, Pearls, Octopus Charm, Sea Horse charm, Treasure Chest with Treasure, Clamshell Charm, and assorted aquatic plants.