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The Self Care Suite

Morning Mantra Affirmation Cards For Self-Care

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These pocket-size decks of affirmations will help your clients/customers who struggle with perfectionism, anxiety, self-doubt or a negative inner critic.

• 52 cards
• 3.5x2 inches (roughly the size of a business card)
• 120# cardstock
• Ultra gloss UV coating guards against moisture, smudging and smearing due to repeated handling

• Pull one card at the beginning of your week and add it to your phone as a reminder every day at noon
• Use it as a journaling prompt
• Attach one to your mirror; use the rest for decor around the house
• Share it on social
• Share it in the group chat
• Give one to a friend for a pick-me-up
• Leave one in a public place for someone to find
• Drop one in each shipment