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Brass Monkey

Overrated / Underrated Social Game

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A game about how well you know your friends and their horrible taste in pretty much everything. Inside you’ll find over 300 well-known (and entertaining) ‘things’ to weigh in on from ‘non-alcoholic mixed drinks’ to ‘high school reunions’ and everything in between. HOW TO PLAY - You’ll win points for guessing just how under or overrated players think an item is and then argue about how wrong they are. Includes 200 double-sided cards with 400 prompts like ‘The Beatles,‘ ‘Drinks that come in a Coconut,’ and ‘Avocado Toast.’ GIFT IT UP - The Overrated/Underrated Social Game by Brass Monkey is going to be the biggest hit at your next party. It's easy to play and comes in a small portable box, making it a great gift for anyone. The cards are designed with fun and interesting topics that are sure to inspire some unique debates, perfect for anyone who's been itching for an argument.