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Salt and Pinch bowl by SeeSalt

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3oz jar of Fleur de Sel + pepper and wooden pinch bowl by SeeSalt of Arizona.

Ok; here is the deal. You have NEVER tried salt like this before {PERIOD}.  Once you start using and loving this gorgeous, fresh, sea salt you won't ever want to go back to your other salt. Our salt is a French sea salt. And let’s be honest; the French do EVERYTHING best.

But why is it so good? The salt is almost snow-like in texture. This is indicative of fleur de sel (french sea salt) because it still has the tiniest bit of moisture left in it since it truly is hand raked off the surface of the beautiful salt marsh. Our small business brings this salt in fresh from Ile de Re, France; a small salt harvesting island that has done this for 100s of years! The traditions run deep and the salt is truly the most sought after in the world. Once you try it you will know what we mean! Our sea salt has been nicknamed The Gamechanger by its followers. 

We believe in the freshest of ingredients and always knowing where our food comes from. Salt should be no different.

Our Pepper Fleur de Sel is made with Sarawak peppercorns sourced directly from family owned farms in Malaysia. We NEVER add anti-caking agents or alter our salt in anyway. This fleur de sel remains rich in: magnesium, calcium, iodine, silica oxide, potassium & iron.

Try our pepper finishing salt on:
Steak | Chicken | Sweet Corn | Bloody Marys