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Mojave Jerky Co.

Signature Southwestern Beef Jerky

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Bold and complex, Signature Southwestern showcases the distinct flavors of the guajillo pepper, celebrated for its tangy, earthy, and smoky notes. Enhanced by cracked red pepper and the invigorating zest of lemon, every bite offers an authentic blend that captures the essence of the southwest. Beyond the robust flavors, we pride ourselves on crafting our jerky in small batches using all-natural ingredients, making it one of the healthiest jerkies available today. Sugar-free Gluten-free All-natural No nitrates No MSG Soy-free No preservatives Keto-approved Low in fat High in protein Encased in our trendsetting packaging, the backdrop features a serene desert landscape with cactus against a captivating sunset. This presentation, paired with its standout flavor, makes it an impeccable choice for boutiques, upscale golf courses, luxury resorts, wineries, breweries, and retailers eager for healthy snacks that taste exceptional and also enhance the aesthetic of their shelves.