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Thank You Taffy Bag

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Thanks! Thank You! There are so many different ways to say thank you for the people that make an impact in our lives. Here at the Taffy Shop, we’ve created a bag that finds a few news ways to say thank you with taffy: Banana--Thanks a bunch! Orange--Orange you the best? Watermelon--Thanks a melon! Strawberry--You’re the berry best! Grape--I’m grapeful for you! Peach--You’re a peach! Enjoy the super soft texture, the amazingly indulgent flavors, and the creamy delight that is a result of our 24-hour small-batch whipping process. We think you'll agree that this is the best taffy in the world! Oh what a treat! All of our taffy if Gluten Free, Soy Free, and Peanut Free. Approximately 25 pieces per bag. The Taffy Shop sells the most delicious, flavorful, mouth-watering saltwater taffy this side of heaven.