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WeBe Coffee Swing set Blend

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Swingset specialty blend. Medium roast full of rich, toasty flavors.

  • Origins: A blend of Brazil and El Salvador
  • Process: Fully washed 

    Flavor notes:

    Tropical Fruit • Caramel • Milk Chocolate

    Say hello to our first blend! Swingset is named to evoke fun, ease, and crowd-pleasing enjoyment - who doesn't love a swing set? We've teamed up two delicious coffees from some of the world's best coffee-producing countries. Brazil contributes chocolatey and caramelly deliciousness, while El Salvador brings the fruit. Shifting the roast profile closer to espresso/medium territory brings out a full body and an almost savory element to this blend. Swingset is an easygoing, morning comfort, sunshine-in-a-cup kind of coffee that you can return to again and again.